We Are Determined To Bring Renewed Life To Your Experienced Products.

Dependable Remanufactured Transmissions For Every Vehicle

At Dynamic Manufacturing, we are a major supplier of reliable and effective remanufactured vehicle pieces. Our teams produce items like torque converters, transmissions, transfer case assemblies, and engines with careful and sustainable remanufacturing processes. You can extract maximum value from your experienced parts with Dynamic Manufacturing.

The process of remanufacturing produces components that offer the same quality and durability as the originals while saving the costs and resources associated with the production of new materials.

What Is Remanufacturing?

According to the Remanufacturing Industries Council remanufacturing is a comprehensive and rigorous process by which a previously used part is returned to a like-new, same-as-when-new, or better-than-when-new condition from both a quality and performance perspective, through a controlled, reproducible, and sustainable process. Remanufacturing is not the same as rebuilding, repairing, or refurbishing.

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remanufactured transmissions at Dynamic Manufacturing

The Benefits of Dynamic Remanufacturing


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Products remanufactured by Dynamic are expertly processed to meet Original Equipment Service (OES) specifications. To ensure you receive the best quality service, we document and replace any non-conforming components with genuine OE parts. Quality is embedded in our culture. We pride ourselves on our process controls, data tracking, and rigorous quality standards to delight our Customers.


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Remanufacturing has been an enabler to sustainable business practices since our start in 1955. One of our passions is seeking creative solutions to reclaim value from materials that could be otherwise discarded. To remain in tight alignment with our Customers, we actively review the latest Customer design releases for engineering change and adapt our process.


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We do it all on our Suburban Chicago campus. Our process-driven approach helps our OE Customer efficiently and effectively manage the full life-cycle of their products. Rather than invest in new manufacturing, Dynamic can help you deliver remanufactured units that operate as if they were brand new—and it starts with our facility. With a 250,000 sq ft of warehousing for safely managing Customer core and supply chain activity, we also employ on-site Engineering and Machining Centers of Competency to design, construct and validate assembly fixtures and end-of-line test equipment. This ensures that the final product meets the OE performance specifications to the best standard.

Our Remanufacturing Standards

Remanufacturing doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality or integrity. When done correctly, rebuilt transmissions offer the same longevity and reliability as original products. At Dynamic Manufacturing, we implement remanufacturing standards and check all internal components for guaranteed quality throughout the entire process:

  • Hard part inspections
  • Soft part replacements
  • Original Equipment Service (EOS) specifications
  • Documenting and replacing non-compliant parts

Our Remanufacturing Process


Core is received, disassembled, and prepared for inspection to maintain a lean, standardized workflow. We’re able to manage Customer core inventory.


We thoroughly inspected the parts for re-use, salvage, or replacement according to our rigorous process controls and Customer specifications

Wash & Salvage

After inspection, all salvageable parts are removed and cleaned. Parts suitable for reuse are reclaimed or reworked and validated prior to use.

Assembly & Validation

Our highly-trained product line Associates assemble units use our NoMuda™ VisualFactory process controls. In-process validation and end-of-line tests are performed to ensure strict compliance to Customer specifications.

Logistics & Warehousing

All validated units are carefully packaged and shipped or warehoused as needed. We can act as a Customer distribution site.

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Our team at Dynamic Manufacturing has a long-standing history of expertise and dedication. Our services now expand to seven facilities around the country. Each facility works on sustainable and renewable energy sources and offers full-service operations that produce products with consistent and thorough quality assurance standards.

When you need remanufactured transmissions with guaranteed quality and durability, our team at Dynamic Manufacturing can provide them for you.

Contact our experts at Dynamic Manufacturing with any questions regarding the process and quality of remanufactured transmission by calling us at 708-343-8753.