Passionate In Getting You To The Podium

Developing High-Performance Products With One Goal in Mind: Winning

Dynamic Motorsports thrives in producing high-performance torque converters for your specific application, whether off-roading, Baja racing, rock crawling, stadium truck circuit racing, or supporting OEM automotive motorsports.

Custom Performance Torque Converters

From validating your product to working with you in your pit, we’re your trusted partner for chasing podiums. Work with our experts to develop a customized unit for your vehicle’s exact needs. Once we understand all your specific requirements, we can design, build, and dynamometer test a converter that pushes your ride to the next level.


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Our hand-built units ensure repeatable results in both the lab and your vehicle.

Tune Ability

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We set up the converter, helping to dial in your vehicle’s performance specific to environmental conditions.

Customer Satisfaction

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We treat our Customers like Family and ensure we go to the fullest extent to produce a high-quality solution to any unique needs.
Our Precise Torque Converter Testing And Quality Control

Our Precise Torque Converter Testing and Quality Control

Dynamic Motorsports converters are tested on a custom-made torque converter dynamometer. This repeatedly validates that the stall torque ratio and K Factor meet all exacting requirements before your Customers receive their delivery. Our strict quality control guarantees performance, dimensional specification adherence, repeatability, and consistency. It’s the best way to ensure Customer engines execute even when it’s down to the wire.

Why Professional Racing Drivers Choose Dynamic