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Our Process

1. Disassembly

All components that flow through the Dynamic's facilities lean design have a standardized material needs and records service to ensure all components remanufactured contain the latest updates for parts and/or salvage operations.


2. Inspection

All parts are subjected to inspection to determine if they need to be reused, salvaged, or replaced. During this process, we use manufacture defined tools and non-destructive testing techniques to determine tolerances and reusability.


3. Wash & Salvage

After inspection, all salvageable parts are removed, cleaned, and if necessary, reworked either in the production process, or in Dynamic's comprehensive machine shop. Learn more about our machining, refinishing, and fabrication facilities HERE.


4. Painting & assembly

After Salvage, Cases are prepped and painted for assembly.

All components both salvaged and new are then assembled by product line technicians organized into specialized product line teams.


5. Packing & Shipping

After a component is remanufactured and has passed testing (where applicable), it is packaged and ready for shipment.


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