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It starts with Yes...

December 4, 2020 11:46 AM

"Yes, Customer first"  - This mindset has been at the center of Dynamic’s culture since 1955. 

In late August 2020, we had the opportunity to put this into practice when we received an urgent request from a long-time Customer requiring assistance in managing logistics and material flow.  11 days later we had:


  • Hired and trained a team of 11 Associates
  • Purchased four additional forklifts
  • Configured mobile scanning and printing equipment
  • Purchased and installed two processing lines
  • Developed, tested and implemented custom system logic to identify cores received and capture dealer details for core credit authorization 
  • Implemented an agile solution which solved our Customer's problem




How were we able to do all this in only in 11 days? 

With our Customer's requirements in hand, our cross-functional team members collaborated, aligned expectations, and worked as one Dynamic Team. They satisfied our Customer’s requirements with a creative solution that optimized time and resources. Our Team eliminated "Can't" and “If” from this discussion and focused on the solution.  This approach focused on the end goal while keeping expectations of both the Customer and the Associates in the forefront of all efforts.

Our team is proud to have created an agile and robust solution which manages hundreds of units (average unit is 350 pounds and 12 cubic feet) everyday.  At Dynamic, we embrace the most difficult challenges as opportunities and we always start with a "Yes".

For additional information about our logistics and warehousing capabilities please click on the picture.  DynamicExteriors-0062

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