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Waste Water Treatment

September 22, 2017 12:34 PM


  • 2 million gallons of wastewater have been treated by our two onsite wastewater systems.
  • Treated wastewater is sampled periodically to ensure Dynamic is complying with local POTW discharge limits.
  • Our first wastewater pre-treatment system was a contributing factor to winning an Illinois Sustainability Award.



  • Beaker tests allow us to replicate the conditions within the wastewater tank.
  • Coagulant and flocculant chemicals are added to the wastewater in the beaker.
  • The coagulant neutralizes the negative charge of the finer suspended solids in the water. Pin floc is formed.
  • The flocculant is then added to form larger clumps of floc from the pin floc formed by the coagulant. The floc then settles to the bottom of the beaker.
  • Once the water meets our desired outcome; we treat the wastewater in the tank with the chemical recipe used in the beaker test.
  • By conducting beaker tests prior to treating wastewater we can determine the appropriate amount of chemical that is needed to treat each batch of wastewater. This allows us to accurately measure the amount of chemical used per batch.



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