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Transforming lives with Helping Hand Center

September 2, 2020 08:31 AM

This year Dynamic Manufacturing Inc. marked the second anniversary of a truly remarkable partnership with Helping Hands Center (HHC).  

Located in Countryside, Illinois, Helping Hand Center (HHC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of adults and children with disabilities.  The mission of HHC is to “Transform the lives of all connected to the Helping Hand Center through genuine care and education."  HHC offers a wide range of person-centered programs and services that enhance the physical, mental, educational, vocational, and social opportunities for the individuals they serve.  One of the many benefits in their program is a placement service that finds meaningful employment for each of their clients. 


In 2018, Dynamic hired four individuals to repackage parts required by the assembly line.  In addition to these associates, HHC provided supervision that ensured final quality.   Their impact within the plant was an immediate success and their work seamlessly integrated into the production schedules and assembly line teams.  As Dynamic’s business expanded, three additional HHC team members were added. 

The care and knowledge shared transformed the lives of everyone involved.  The capabilities and dedication of these seven new team members quickly impressed coworkers and leadership.  When opportunities create the need for additional HHC resources, we are confident they will quickly and effectively satisfy the requirements of the position.

As Dynamic continues to grow in Hillside, Illinois, we are proud to partner with Helping Hand Center. It is certainly a benefit to the overall business while proudly supporting our local community.

For additional information about the Helping Hand Center please contact:

Visit Helping Hand Center at their LinkedIn page:


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