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Electric Vehicle Battery Lifecycle

 Our goal is to remain at the forefront of our Customers’ advancements in Electric Vehicle technology by expanding our capabilities to include electrified drivetrain systems and battery lifecycle.

Remanufacturing, Repurposing, & recycling

Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries have a finite life. Over time, the originally installed EV batteries will no longer meet the power and energy demands of the vehicle manufacturer and need replacement. Through remanufacturing, we can bring them back to the Original Equipment Service (OES) specification.

When a battery can no longer be remanufactured to OES specification, there can be repurpose options. Secondary applications, such as energy storage systems and stationery back up power systems, can help maximize the total life-time value of each battery.

When a battery capacity is no longer acceptable in the secondary application, they have reached the end of their lifecycle and must be disposed of responsibly. We have third party vendors to ensure environmentally responsible recycling.


1. Inspection

We disassemble packs as defined by the original equipment manufacturer.  Each module is visually inspected to ensure it is within specification.

4. Storage / Maintenance

We store and maintain each battery pack within our secure onsite warehouse.  Scheduled activities are conducted to maintain required state of charge.

2. Testing

We provide one-on-one support for each customer to help define testing conditions for performance verification including capacity, stress and cycle life. Our engineering team develops custom scripts per customer specified requirements and is available to provide additional guidance and expertise.

5. Repurposing

We provide alternative options for batteries that no longer meet OES automotive specifications. Applications such as energy storage systems and stationery back up power systems can help maximize the total life-time value of each battery. 

3. Remanufacturing

We verify products through our multistep process.  Each module is cleaned and re-inspected prior to testing.  After testing is completed, a detailed analysis report is generated and included with each reassembled battery pack.   

6. Recycling

We provide disposal services for batteries that are damaged, unrepairable or have reached end of life status.  We have established partnerships with reputable recyclers to ensure proper handling and processing.



Our team evaluates multiple variables collected with our test equipment and software, including voltage, capacity, temperature, and power. We evaluate charge and discharge curves against master data developed with a Customer.   Meter


State of the art Battery Test Equipment

2x NHR 9300 units for Pack Level Testing

4x NHR 9200 units for Module Level Testing

Battery9300 Battery9200
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