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Our Sustainability Commitment

As a remanufacturer, our core mission is to make the most out of existing materials. By restoring automotive transmissions, torque convertors, and transfer cases to better than new quality products, we use only a fraction of the energy and raw material required to build these products from scratch.


2017 Illinois Sustainability Award Winner

Dynamic is a proud winner of the 2017 Illinois Sustainability Award. Illinois Sustainability Award winners are an elite group of committed leaders reducing environmental impact, contributing to the growth of a more sustainable Illinois economy. By prioritizing sustainability throughout their operations, programs, technology, products and company culture, they serve as a model within their industry and community.

Dynamic was recognized for reducing electricity consumption by over 30% with lighting upgrades, recycling solvent onsite saving nearly $250,000, initiating a plant recycling system that diverted over 1,000 tons of recyclable material from landfills since 2014, reducing hazardous waste by 3,000 lbs., and installing a wastewater pretreatment system in lieu of shipping liquid waste offsite.

Additionally, DMI conducted their first annual Earth Day celebration to educate their employees on environmental stewardship and ways to minimize their personal environmental footprint. As part of giving back to the community and carrying on the legacy of the founder of Dynamic, the Partipilo Family donated a former 13,900 square foot facility to the Village of Stone Park that is now used as a Community Center.

Award Press Release:


Without remanufacturing processes, the environmental impact of producing new powertrain products to replace existing components would be substantially higher.

But our goals are larger than that. At Dynamic, we continually show that manufacturing companies can lead environmental efforts, not just comply to them.


As Dynamic continues to grow and evolve, we continue the legacy of our founder John Partipilo and maintain the mantra of Continuous Improvement by pursuing an official Sustainability Program. Supported by all levels of management, Dynamic continuously explores and adopts sustainable practices such as:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste reduction
  • Water conservation and reducing our carbon footprint
  • Responsible waste management

We want our employees to have a work environment where they feel safe and secure. To that end, we shall:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety (EHS) regulations and other requirements to which DMI subscribes which relate to Environmental Impacts or Risks.
  • Foster a culture where safety is valued equally with production, quality, cost and morale.
  • Design and operate our facilities and equipment in a safe, secure and environmentally sound manner.
  • Instill a culture throughout all levels of our company to take responsibility to continually identify, reduce and manage EHS risks.
  • Integrate EHS into all key business decisions - including the design, production, distribution and support of our products.
  • Train employees to work safely and without environmental incidents and promote a safe working culture.

Dynamic Manufacturing, Inc. (DMI) is committed to protecting the environment and the health and safety of our employees, our customers, and the communities where we operate.

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