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Dynamic Story

The history of Dynamic began as a love story in Mr. John Partipilo’s hometown of Bari, Italy.  John was known around town as a proficient mechanic with a skilled and curious mind for mechanical systems.  His desire to pursue an engineering degree ended when he withdrew from college to support his family while his father served their country during World War II.  After the war ended a young woman named Mary traveled from United States to visit her family in Bari.  While visiting, Mary and John crossed paths and quickly made a strong connection, spending much of Mary’s three-month trip together.  As her time to return home approached, John knew Mary was the one.  Before Mary returned to the US, John proposed, and they were soon married.  Reality set in if they were to spend the rest of their lives together, John needed to move to America.  After three months of separation, John saved up enough money to immigrate to the United States.


After arriving in the US, John struggled to find work.  He was motivated and had great mechanical skill, but obtaining a job proved nearly impossible without speaking English.  After countless interviews, John finally received the stroke of luck needed; meeting a service manager who spoke Italian.  John was quickly hired and became one of the top mechanics.  John knew to succeed in America, he needed to quickly learn English.  Mary taught him to the best of her ability, but John’s true breakthrough came when he began reading “Joke Books.”  John would study the Superman comic book, associating words with images and quickly pieced the language together.  While working at the dealership John recognized there were significant business opportunities in the automatic transmission repair market.

Super_Store_FrontIn 1955, John started “Super Automatic Transmission Co.” and the roots of Dynamic began.  One might ask themselves why "Super"?  This was John’s way of honoring “the man who taught me how to read and write.  I would never have been able to begin my business without him.”, referring to Superman from his beloved “Joke Books”.  Super Automatic Transmission was founded on its values of high quality, customer service and competitive pricing and quickly gained recognition as one of the best shops in Chicago.  The demand for Super Automatic Transmissions increased and created the need for four locations around Chicago.  With the increase in locations and customers, John saw an increase in the number of “come-backs”, unhappy Customers returning underperforming products.  John’s commitment to quality and customer service drove him to invest in additional equipment for controlling more products. With the help of his team, Super Automatic Transmissions began remanufacturing high quality torque converters.  After resolving the quality concerns John’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, he knew he had created something the market desperately needed.  It was time to sell remanufactured converters under a different name without anyone knowing it came from Super Automatic Transmission.  Dynamic Manufacturing was born.


In 1965, Dynamic Manufacturing burst into the automatic transmission scene.  Dynamic’s rebuild process was more advanced than anyone else.  Their torque converters greatly reduced quality concerns and word traveled quickly.  Dynamic became the preferred torque converter throughout the area.  Over the next years Dynamic transformed from a local Chicago business into a statewide business, then a mid-west regional business, and ultimately a nationwide business. Dynamic continued to expand but the big break came in 1985.  General Motors was looking to establish a torque converter re-manufacturing operation and visited Dynamic to explore its capabilities. 

In 1986, Dynamic earned its first project with GM.  Dynamic poured its heart and soul into this project and quickly received recognition.  After two short years GM asked if there was interest in expanding the business to re-manufacturing transmissions.  John was very excited by the prospect of expanding product lines and focused on building a state-of-the-art production operation.  When the program concluded, expectations were exceeded, and Dynamic was granted its first long term program. In the following years, Dynamic earned the trust of many other North American Automotive OEM’s.  


Sadly, Mr. Partipilo passed away in 2006 but his legacy lives on at Dynamic.  John touched the lives of his Associates and his legacy is the quintessential example of the American dream.  Dynamic remains owned and operated by the Partipilo family.   Nancy Partipilo (John’s daughter) is President and CEO leading the organization and continuing her father’s leadership style and principles. The future of the family business is secured by John Bellantuono, (Nancy's son) Executive Vice President, who is deeply committed to continuing his grandfather’s legacy while pioneering the organization into future technologies and new markets. As the business continues to expand, Dynamic is committed to delight customers with innovative products and services, while investing in associates, communities, and the environment.

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